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How to polish leather boots

Looking after your precious boots will result in not only a better look but will increase their longevity. Below are some steps to follow to achieve the best result.

Step One

Clean of any mud or dirt using a damp cloth. Wait until dry before polishing or conditioning.

Step Two

Apply polish to the upper leather with a soft cloth or a rag. Rub the polish in well, ensuring you get in between any folds or creases your boots may have. Try rubbing the polish onto the boot in small circular motions.

For boots that are badly scuffed, leave them overnight to allow the leather to absorb the polish.

Step Three

Buff briskly with a shoe brush to remove excess polish. This will result in a more even, consistent look.

Step Four

Buff with a soft cloth to obtain that high shine that makes your boots look brand new again!


About every six or eight weeks, to maintain and preserve the leather, rub some conditioner evenly over the uppers. This will keep the leather supple and soft.

Here at Mainstreet Clothing, most of our staff wear their RM Williams boots every day. We are always comparing our boots to see whose are the most shiny!

We recommend RM Williams polish and conditioners to achieve the best results.

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