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What Size Belt Do I Need?

This is a common question that you need to know before you buy. Our most common item returned for a change of size is belts.

There are two common methods to discovering your true belt size;

Method 1

This is the most widely used method and the easiest to do. Simply look at a pair of pants that you currently wear that are a good fit. The belt size that you need is 1 size larger than that.

Lets say the pants are a size 36; this means that the right belt to wear is a size 38.

There are no odd sizes of belts, so even if you have an odd numbered size pants just order the next size up in belt.

Method 2

Measure a belt you currently wear. This method will work as long as your current belt has not stretched in the time you have been wearing it.

Measure from where the buckle attaches to the belt, to the hole that you are currently using. Do not measure from end to end as this won’t get an accurate size.

New belts are measured to the centre hole. If you purchase a size 36 belt, it will measure 36” from the buckle attachment to the centre hole. A belt worn using the centre hole gives a more flexible fitting

What If I Get The Wrong Size?

If you do get the wrong size just send it back and we can exchange it for the right size belt.

Check out our range of belts here...

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